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At Bayer, innovation is part of our DNA. But it’s not something that happens exclusively in laboratories. We see it as being open to new and unconventional approaches and perspectives. Our working culture is driven by our passion and our fascination to think ahead. That is why we encourage you to question the status quo and constantly think beyond the obvious. It takes imagination, ambition, and courage to find answers to society’s most pressing questions.

Learn how our research and development, employee initiatives, and focus on our people all support the groundbreaking scientific advancement that Bayer is known for. Plus, find out the opportunities you’ll have as a Bayer employee to impact the company and influence our culture of innovation.

Research and Development at Bayer


The approximately 10,000 researchers who work in Bayer’s research and development division share one goal: to improve people’s lives. The innovations developed in our laboratories range from life-saving medications for humans and animals to energy-efficient building materials to a broad range of innovative chemical and biological products for improving plant health. Every project we work on aims to solve society’s great challenges.



The imagination and courage of our employees drives every successful product and discovery Bayer makes. Our “research” magazine takes you inside our pipeline, shares the stories behind our innovations, and introduces you to the people who make them possible.

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In France, Bayer Crop Science owns two research centers that develop innovative solutions for crop protection. The La Dargoire research center near Lyon, for instance, discovered fluopyram*.

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Bayer Consumer Health's French subsidiary also plays a very active role in innovation. The Gaillard research center in Haute-Savoie is responsible for the global development of multivitamin supplements, gastrointestinal and dermatological products.

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*family of plant-protection products      

Strengthening the Culture of Innovation


None of us is as smart as all of us together. That’s why we have developed two initiatives that collect the best ideas and solutions from all Bayer employees : “WeSolve” allows employees to submit challenging questions and seek answers from colleagues, and the Bayer Ideas Pool elicits suggestions for improvements to the company.


Combining our knowledge and ingenuity ensures that our most innovative ideas will be heard and put to use by our customers and society.

The Bayer Employee Survey

The Bayer Employee Survey is intended to empower employee involvement in the company and inspire innovation in all areas. Every two years, all employees are invited to give us their feedback on our strategy, culture, and working conditions.


The opinions expressed in the survey are very important to Bayer and we have launched a variety of initiatives and improvements worldwide in response to the survey results.

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