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At Bayer, we want that everyone can express their potential. For that, we offer to our employees a wide range of job opportunities and activities. We empower everyone to develop themselves and we offer attractive compensations built on consistency and equity principles.


Through our compensations’ system, we aim to attract and retain new talents for all our Businesses and to co-invest on the future in order to involve our employees to the company’s success. The purpose of our compensation policy is also to maintain a sustainable employer-employee relation and to support our talents all along their careerpath.


Our compensation system is accompanied by a quality benefit system to propose the best social protection to all the employees to protect themselves against the risks of life but also to improve their comfort of daily life.


In short, our compensation’s policy is based on 5 key principles to put into action our willingness to guarantee a financial and social competitive protection to all of our employees:


  • Attractiveness
  • Performance
  • Equity and consistency
  • Dynamism
  • Protection

An important principle of our benefits and rewards approach is to link employees’ compensation to their performance, incentivizing personal growth and achievement. Regular benchmarking against global standards sets base salaries in line with the requirements of each position. Salaries are then supplemented by performance-related compensation and extensive additional benefits.


Competitive Pay

Bayer’s compensation packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of our global workforce and include elements like base salary, bonuses, long and short-term incentives, and benefits.


Importantly, we regularly check in with external benchmarks and internal measures to ensure people at our company are fairly compensated.

Flexible Working Hours

Because creating a family-friendly workplace is important to us, our employees can take advantage of benefits that allow them to lead productive working lives that are harmonious with the priorities of their families. Bayer offers a variety of options that allow employees to choose the most appropriate work schedule to support both their personal and professional needs.

Health Maintenance

Bayer aims to ensure that all employees have adequate access to affordable, effective health services. Medical checkups, on-site medical services, exercise programs, and assistance after recovery from illness are a few ways we support our employees’ wellbeing. Specific healthcare plans can also complement or supplement government health programs, and can improve employees’ quality of life.

Retirement Provision

With more people living longer and pressure on government pension systems increasing, company retirement benefits such as ours offer good opportunities for individual optimization. Employees may customize their retirement benefits to allow them to accumulate more money for the future, purchase stock, and even convert a portion of their salary to entitle them to early retirement.

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