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Current position: Departmental Sector Manager on spring crops for the Marketing Department, Bayer Crop Science, Lyon


Joined Bayer in: 2010











"Changing division is an opportunity to gauge and experience the great variety within the group."

Changing jobs would appear to be in your DNA...

Yes, between January 1, 2010 and October 1, 2015, I held four positions at Bayer, where I began with a short temping assignment. I had 15 years sales and marketing experience in the mass-market retail sector and was keen to move into the health sector, so I sent in an unsolicited job application and haven't left since.


After changing job twice within Bayer Consumer Health, you recently changed division...

It's my boldest job move yet. Since October 2015, I've been learning about the Crop Science business, where I'm Departmental Sector Manager on spring crops for the Marketing Department. After five years in the field of over-the-counter medications, I needed to learn about a new business.


How was the transfer arranged?

I told my line manager that I wanted to change jobs, and started doing "learning interviews" in the other divisions in Lyon, after being co-opted by colleagues. Then I applied through the various systems, until I entered Bayer Crop Science in October.


What are your first impressions?

Changing from one universe to another is quite extraordinary! I'm still in the discovery and learning phase. Culturally, it's very different to what I experienced in Health: very technical and very grounded in expertise. It's very exciting!


What guidance and support were you given?

I'm lucky enough to have a team that works together and is always ready to explain things, and in which I can have total confidence. I'm still getting to grips with the terms, the procedures, the whole world of Crop Science... They're training me, and I make sure that, in return, I bring them a strategic vision and my managerial skills. I want to make the most of this complementarity.


Do these differences make you want to revise your approach?

No, in fact. I want to take advantage of this dual culture to encourage experience sharing and cross-functional working by importing efficient tools from Consumer Health that don't exist in CropScience. Changing division is an opportunity to gauge and experience the great variety within the group.


What is your role today?

Much the same as in Consumer Health: develop marketing activities, but this time in spring crops, in a regulatory context that is just as strict. The tools are completely different, though, because it's B-to-B marketing, whereas previously we addressed consumers directly.


Was it easy to make the change?

One of the best things about Bayer is that it makes provision for its employees to have a frank discussion on their future with their manager (1), and be able to take charge of their development very openly. And I find it particularly motivating to have been able, in the same company and in such a short space of time, to develop so many skills and have the chance to embrace another business line. It's made me even more attached to Bayer.


(1)   The Development Dialogue

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