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Current position: Sales representative, Bayer Crop Science, Western France Branch Office


Joined Bayer in: 2014












"It's a wonderful opportunity that Bayer gives recent graduates to begin their career by learning about several businesses at once."

Is this assignment at Bayer your first work experience?

Yes, I've just graduated from my engineering school (1)! After doing my final internship abroad, I was sure I wanted join a major industrial group in France. For me, it was a guarantee of good quality supervision and training, and real development prospects.


On what basis did you enter Bayer?

I'm currently on a fixed-term contract as part of an incubator program. I learned about it through the Bayer job exchange when I had been on a fixed-term contract for six months in the Marketing Department in Lyon, working with the technical managers of the cereal and rapeseed sector. After talking it over with my manager and my HR manager, I applied. It's a rather unusual 18-month contract that gives me the time to explore the company, develop, make suggestions, familiarize myself with the very down-to-earth concerns in the field and understand the overall strategy while soaking up the LIFE values.


So what are your roles and responsibilities?

The roles and responsibilities are defined each month, depending on the needs and opportunities in the company. The underlying principle is that we accept this geographical and functional mobility. I entered the Western France branch office in May, where I stood in for a colleague on maternity leave as sales coordinator for six months. I coordinated the sales network with a view to developing customer relations over the long term; I advocated Bayer solutions and services in the field. I passed on customers' expectations and needs to headquarters so that we could evaluate our actions and their effectiveness, and improve them to suit the local market.

Since October, I've had broader-based assignments and been working on projects to do with responsible herbicide management.


What support were you given to be operational in all of these fields?

The person I replaced at the beginning of my contract did a great job of passing on all I needed to know. And for each of my other assignments, there's always a designated person I can contact if necessary. The choice of contact people is very targeted, so all the more effective.


So the overall impression is very positive...

It's a wonderful opportunity that Bayer gives recent graduates to begin their career by learning about several businesses at once. Not all companies have such a sustainable process in place for them. And I liked being able to play an active role in arranging my fixed-term contract: I co-constructed the second part of it with my managers. There is a real partnership principle. I didn't think a major group could be so flexible...


(1)   Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture de Lille 

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