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Current position: Brand Manager in the Marketing Department, Consumer Health, Gaillard


Joined Bayer in: 2014












"Innovation is omnipresent and we have been given the means to encourage it." 

You are a relative newcomer to Bayer. What drew you to the company?

I wanted to stay in the pharmaceutical industry and Bayer is not only one of the market leaders, it also generates trust and has a strong image. It's also an ultra-innovative laboratory, with numerous product launches and a genuine group strategy. Given the job I'm in, I'm also excited by the fact that Bayer communicates directly and abundantly with consumers while remaining very close to health professionals.


What is the role of innovation in marketing?

Innovation is omnipresent and we have been given the means to encourage it. This is one of the things that surprised me most when I arrived. We have to go and seek it out everywhere, by communicating differently, by developing our range of products and services... It's a real challenge! Like supermarkets, pharmacies deal every day with people who have a wide variety of constantly renewed needs. Our marketing strategy revolves around satisfying their expectations. This means offering consumers products that are more effective, simpler, more efficient, more in step with their lifestyles and which enhance their wellbeing. It also means offering pharmacists useful tools and services that assist them in their advisory role.


What does your everyday work entail?

Our role is to do what it takes for the products developed by the group to be adopted by consumers. Marketing is at the center of the picture and I have to constantly check that all of the stakeholders - both internal and external, local and global - are pulling in the same direction and are aware of the resources available and the deadlines for achieving the expected outcomes. Every day, I ask myself what we have done for the consumer.


It's a real team effort...

Team work is my number one motivation, especially as the people at Consumer Health really help each other out and genuinely enjoy working together. I'm constantly learning and I feel like I'm becoming a better person. I also feel like I have an impact; I'm involved in decision making and able to make a real difference. Everything I work on takes on tangible form before my eyes, such as an ad on TV or a product launch in pharmacies. If consumers follow our lead, it's a sign that we've done a good job and it's extremely gratifying!

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