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Current position: Sustainable Development Manager for Bayer France, Bayer Support Functions (Bayer Group Platform), Loos


Joined Bayer in 1990











 "As I see it, sustainable development is 80% common sense and 20% technical and regulatory information to take into account."

How important is sustainable development at Bayer?

It's a decisive factor, in keeping with the group's LIFE values. For a long time now, our innovations have been underpinned by the three core considerations in sustainable development: environment, economy and social responsibility. The global headquarters in Germany lay down the strategic priorities, which we manage and adjust to national legislation and local issues. In France, two positions, including mine, were recently placed under the responsibility of the Sustainable Development Department to lend more weight to our action.


What career path led you to this job?

I was a "sustainable champion" in Purchasing, which meant that I made sure purchasing was carried out sustainably and that our suppliers met our requirements for sustainable practices. Without being a dyed-in-the-wool ecologist, I was a keen supporter of sustainable development when this very cross-functional job was created. It's a challenge, both for me personally and for the group in France. As I see it, sustainable development is 80% common sense and 20% technical and regulatory information to take into account.


What are your main job roles?

My first role was to edit a sustainable development report for publication outside the group, and which is now a major communication channel on non-financial matters. Informing outside stakeholders and explaining the purpose behind our actions is critical in this area. On the legislative side, I make sure we are in statutory compliance with the Grenelle law and the energy transition law, for example. My role also consists in promoting sustainable development policies - energy audits of our sites in France, implementing decrees, getting our people involved on a day-to-day basis, etc. - and handling the non-financial aspects of our customers' calls for tenders. I also represent the group to industry associations to bolster our image as a responsible company. In 2016, we are going to poll our stakeholders. That will give us a clearer idea of what they expect from us, so that we can more effectively meet their expectations and provide real support for the various businesses.


It's a long-term role...

We're proud of our products, we have to talk about our practices, take every opportunity to support our products' distribution and invent innovative services to help our customers make the best possible use of them. Talking about it openly, as we are doing today, generates a constructive dialog that benefits everyone...

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